Andy Stigle Driving Instructor

Pupil Passes and Reviews

"Andy was always very patient and also encouraged me to do my best, if I needed practice on something specific (e.g that horrible "reverse around a corner") he would make me practice it until it was 100% perfect. I would recommend anyone to take lessons with him and I plan to do my pass plus and booster lessons with him when I can afford a car!"

Claudia Messenger

"My parents found Andy through the AA, who recommend him because of his experience with other hearing impaired students. He was a fantastic instructor - calm, collected and confident. Thanks to his encouragement and support, I obtained my pink license on a very wet day, first time with only one minor! I would definitely recommend Andy to anyone learning to drive."

Tom Murton

"Andy was recommended to myself by my sister. He is friendly, calm and very patient. He strives to make every driving lesson an enjoyable experience and I was able to pass my test first time thanks to him."

Cara Quilty